Thasos: Skala Rachoniou beach

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The Romania's "Vama Veche Beach" of Thasos Island

The beach Skala Rachoniou stretches in the north side of the Thasos island, along the length of the fishermen’s village that bears the same name.

Here is the relative position of the beach on Thasos island’s map:

As I have already let you know, during our stay on Thasos island we booked an apartment situated in the Skala Rachoniou village. Although the beach was nearby, at a stone’s throw from our house, the desire to see as many beautiful places as we could kept us away from this beach.

On the last day, however, tired of walking so much, we finally decided to discover this beach.

The surprise was extremely pleasant. Being located in front of a fishermen’s village, quite a bit affected by the mass tourism, the beach reminded me most of Vama Veche from my university years. The same long beaches, covered here and there with algae and dried firewood, the fine sand, few and polite people… everything reminds you of a world still untouched by the “values” of mass tourism.

Inside an old pine tree glade, a beach bar was arranged, from where reggae music could be heard. Ouzo bottles hanging in olive trees as ornaments complemented the romantic decor. Well and truly, we felt as if we were on a secluded Caribbean beach!

From the old pines hung swings and hammocks, the whole atmosphere inviting you to daydream and rest. Maybe the following video will convey to you the picture of the atmosphere on this beach:

At the right end of Skala Rachoniou beach, towards Limenas, there are two more taverns belonging to the locals. They lay the table in the evening, sitting shoulder to shoulder, very close to the seashore.

At the tavern loudly named”Gorgona”, we had one night the good luck to take the very closest table by the sea. The waves were almost touching it! I warmly recommend this tavern, for fish and seafood specialties!

Skala Rachoniou beach is suitable for the romantic Romanians who are nostalgic for Vama Veche, those who are looking for something “something else” at the seaside, different from the noise and ignorance of the mass tourism.

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Last modified: 11 October 2019

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