Mallorca: Alcudia, the old town and its surroundings

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Local history mixed with a beautiful mountain landscape

At the beginning of our stay in Mallorca we decided to visit the surroundings first, to feel as good as possible the atmosphere of the place.

So we started with the Port of Alcudia and then with the city of Alcudia . It is located a few kilometers inland from Port D’Alcudia, being a small town with only a few dozen streets.

Built in a position somewhat more protected from the attacks of pirates from the Mediterranean of the 16th century, Alcudia impresses with the holiday-weary atmosphere that breathes on every street.

The tourist pearl is the old town , along with the Roman remains of the ancient city of Pollentia .

The old town is a conglomeration of narrow streets hidden between the defensive walls of the medieval fortress of Alcudia .

Guarded by the Cathedral of Saint Jaume , founded around 1302 by the king of the same name, the old town is a tourist amalgam of shops and restaurants, along with tiny houses with windows covered with wooden shutters, where many families still live today.

The old town is entirely a pedestrian area and a visit to its streets will send you thinking of other times, much less complicated than those we live.

For those who are passionate about history, in the vicinity of the old town opens the protected archeological area that includes the Roman vestiges of Pollentia . Being open, exposed to the scorching sun, a visit to this archeological park should be made early in the morning. Otherwise, the Roman ruins will not be appreciated at their fair value.

The area includes the Roman Forum, the Roman Theater and many ancient dwellings, along with a museum called the Monographic Museum of Pollentia. Access hours during the summer are from Monday to Saturday between 09:30 and 20:30.

Excursion to the Puig des Romani

On the third day of our stay we decided to climb the mountain a little, if only for training.

I chose a fairly easy route for the trip, the first on the list of recommendations for the Alcudia region. It is about the route to Hermita de la Victoria, a beautiful monastery located high in the mountains and to Penya des Migdia a spectacular peak that dominates the Alcudia peninsula.

The first part of the road went smoothly, being accessible by car to Hermita de la Victoria . The road passes through the town of Alcudia, through Bonaire , a spectacular fishing village, and then climbs on winding serpentines to the monastery, where there is a fairly spacious parking lot. So far the road is paved.

The route to Penya des Migdia is best shown on a map displayed right at the entrance to the route. Here is a photo of her for those who want to follow in our footsteps.

On the left side of the forest road, in a tight curve, begins the ascent path to the top of Penya des Migdia. It climbs gently, on the left slope a few steps from the edge of the Pollenca Bay cliff. In these places, the bay landscapes are spectacular.

View of Pollenca Bay from the road:

Checking the map we realized that the highest point of the ridge is not Penya des Migdia , where everyone went, but the peak of Puig des Romani located somehow to the right of the classic route. So we decided to try to reach this peak for a beautiful view of the bay and the Alcudia peninsula.

The secondary path, almost not marked at all, bypasses the Penya des Migdia peak through a saddle and climbs up the Puig des Romani and the mountain ridge. We stopped in a few minutes and did not miss the moment of a photo before the final climb.

On the way to the top we had the opportunity to meet a group of three mountain goats that we hurried to film, only a few meters from us.

The trip lasted about two hours round trip and I would describe the road as easy, being accessible to anyone, especially in the section to Penya des Migdia. If you want to go through it, don’t forget to take water with you, because there is no water source to the top.

When you return, don’t miss the Mirador de la Victoria restaurant, located in a pine forest just behind the monastery. It has a fabulous view!

Even if you do not make our trip, a meal at this restaurant will fully reward you for the journey here.

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Last modified: 23 June 2022

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